January 12, 2016


Perm seasons in Europe: Perm Ballet Company and musicAeterna orchestra are gone on tour to five European countries

On the January 13 Perm Ballet Company is presenting the first performance of its touring programme in France. The company will perform "Swan Lake ", choreography by Natalia Makarova, in Noisy-le-Grand and on this day musicAeterna orchestra led by Teodor Currentzis will perform its third concert within the tour on stage of De Doelen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Two previous concerts included works of Mozart and Beethoven performed on stages in Cologne (Germany) and Zurich (Switzerland).

musicAeterna orchestra led by Teodor Currentzis performs a new programme in each country of European tour — Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. The schedule is tough: 6 concerts within 10 days (January 9-19) which requires rehearsing of 6 long-form pieces — Symphonies № 25 and № 38 ("Prague") by Mozart, Symphony № 5 by Beethoven as well as violin concertos of these composers (Violin concerto in D major by Beethoven and Violin concerto № 5 by Mozart). Patricia Kopatchinskaja, well known by Perm audience for her brilliant performances during The Diaghilev Festival, appears as the soloist. The first two concerts were a success:

"The audience was rapturous having shown signs of endless enthusiasm in the beginning followed by thunderous ovations immediately after  the last accords of the Fifth Symphony of Beethoven had subsided. It comes without doubt that the concert given by Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna orchestra is a great occasion". (Guido Krawinkel, "Kolnische rundschau")

Meanwhile, artists of Perm Ballet Company are visiting 16 French cities from January 13 to February 7 with the performances of "Swan Lake", "Don Quixote", "Rubies", "Serenade", "The Nutcracker" and Diaghilev Gala which consists of one-act ballets and pieces from the repertoire of Sergei Diaghilev's company: "Apollo", "Chopiniana", "Le Spectre de la Rose", "The Dying Swan", "Polovitsian Dances". Lion, Aix-en-Provence, Amiens: 25 days of the tour with 19 performances to present. The demand for Perm Ballet is so high in France that the company will have performances and concerts almost on a day-to-day basis.

"Ballet from Perm, the city near Ural mountains, is a renowned company which has preserved the heart of Diaghilev's legacy. The company is on tour in France from January 13 to February 7 with the programme including classical ballets, such as "Swan Lake" and "Don Quixote" and Balanchine's works. (Jade Larine, Danses avec la plume) 

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