November 22 / wed 19:00-23:00

Prince Igor

A. Borodin


Opera in three acts with prologue

Libretto by  Alexander Borodin with the help of  Vladimir Stasov based on the Ancient Russian epic of XIIth centuryThe Lay of Igor's Host

The opera was written in 1890. The scenography of this version was replicate the scenography of the 1890-year production in Mariinsky Theatre. This version was first performed in Perm in 2015. Running time: 3 hours 50 minutes including 2 intervals

One of the pillars of the classics of Russian opera, Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin, is based on an historical subject, taken from the monument of Russian literature The Tale of Igor’s Campaign or The Lay of Igor’s Host, and tells the story of the failed raid of Igor Svyatoslavich against the Polovtsians. The Prince is taken prisoner by the Khan Konchak. Despite numerous attempts by Igor’s enemies to gain the favour of his wife, Yaroslavna, the Princess remains true to her husband and soon awaits his happy return home.

Borodin’s unfinished work was completed after his death by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and Alexander Glazunov. The opera was premiered in 1890 in the Mariinsky Theatre, and it is to this production that the artistic company of the Perm premiere refers in 2015.

For the director Sigrid T’Hooft, famous primarily as an expert in historical theatrical reconstruction, the conductor Valery Platonov, an authority on Russian musical heritage, and the artist Stephan Dietrich, a superb stylist who thoughtfully works with visual documents from different epochs, the important task is not to produce direct replications but to get as close as possible to the aesthetic of operatic theatre of the end of the nineteenth century.

Age category: 12+

The stage directors
Musical Director and Conductor Valery Platonov
Stage Director Sigrid T’Hooft (Belgium)
Chorus Master Vitaly Polonsky
Set and Costume Designer Stephan Dietrich (Germany)
Lighting Designer Georgij Belaga (Germany)
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