February 10 / sat 19:00-21:30

Ballets by George Balanchine

I. Stravinsky, I. Stravinsky, V.Rieti


Ballet in two tableaux. Libretto by Igor Stravinsky

Choreography by George Balanchine

First staged in 1928. This version was first performed in Perm in 2014. Running time: 33 minutes

The idea of creating an allegorical ballet based on Greek mythology belongs to Igor Stravinsky who wrote both the music and the libretto. The story involves the birth of Apollon Musagète, his consecration of Polyhymnia, Calliope and Terpsichore, the muses of mimicry, poetry and dance, and his ascent together with the muses to Mount Parnassus. Whilst still working on the score, Stravinsky had already planned on handing the visualization of his dream over to Sergei Diaghilev's Ballet Russes. His attention was then caught by 23-year-old choreographer George Balanchine who impressed the maestro with his inventiveness and musicality. Later, George Balanchine himself acknowledged that Apollo was his favourite and most successful work. This production marked the moment that his life as the greatest choreographer of the 20th century began, and also the beginning of his long creative partnership with Igor Stravinsky.

The ballet is staged in collaboration with the George Balanchine Foundation in accordance with Balanchine’s style and technique

Age category: 12+

The stage directors
Musical Director and Conductor Valery Platonov
Artistic Director Alexey Miroshnichenko
Ballet Master-Producer Ben Huys
Lighting Designer Igor Zinn
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