09.2016 — 06.2017


Originally intended for the performance of music from the Baroque era, the cyclic format of ‘Music for Us’ today brings together an entire programme of music from many different eras and genres. The project includes several thematic blocks: Medieval music, music from the Renaissance era, Baroque era, masterpieces from the 19th and 20th centuries, pieces from the vocal genre, premieres from modern composers and even some jazz improvisation.

The cycle of concerts ‘Music for Us’ will be performed as a series of chamber concerts in the theatre foyer, in Diaghilev House and in the Palace of Children’s Art.

For musicians the chamber performance allows a wonderful opportunity for experimentation and creativity: it is not by chance that many of the performers prefer to perform by heart – with no score. For concert-goers it is a chance to spend an evening in the intimate setting of the chamber performance and listen to world-class pieces of classical music.

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