A Christmas Carol



Christmas carol–opera

Libretto by Dmitry Batin, with Alexey Arkhipov and Yulia Selina, based on Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol in Prose

The opera was written and first staged in Perm in 2010. 

A Christmas Carol, one of Dickens’s most famous novellas, has provided material for many films, cartoons, musicals, and theatrical productions. The Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre presents its own musical version of the story created by composer Dmitry Batin, the theatre’s Principal Chorus Master. 

Mr. Scrooge is a wealthy miser who thinks that celebrating Christmas is a waste of time and money. On Christmas Eve, he again rejects his nephew Fred and Fred’s wife Martha, who invite him to celebrate Christmas with them. But he is completely transformed by a sudden miracle that makes him kinder. 

Age category: 6+

The stage directors
Chorus Master–Producer Dmitry Batin
Set Designer Elena Solovyova (Russia)
Conductors Dmitry Batin and Raushan Yakupov
Director–Producer Olga Enns
Lighting Designer Roman Krikunov
Choreographer Tatiana Shilkova
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