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Perm Opera presents new acoustic shell

The new acoustic shell has been built in the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. Its construction makes the stage flexible for various music goals. The acoustic shell is to be presented at the concert of sympony music on January, 22.  

Ракушка_фото Никиты Чунтомова.jpg

The new acoustic shell. Photo by Nikita Chuntomov

The new construction has been installed considering acoustic specifics of the Perm Opera hall and characteristics of its stage. Comparing to a previous shell that had been used by the theatre since 2012, the new one gives more opportunities. So its ceiling's tilt angle is adjustable, its side panels might be extended or shortened in order to build up necessary acoustic space on the stage. Furthermore, the new construction's lights are also flexible to different aims. 

Andrey Borisov, General Manager of the Perm Opera:

That's great news and we definitely congratulate our audience above all. This new acoustic shell forms environment that makes sound transmitted in the best way. Technically this shell is one of the smartest in our country.

The previous shell will be used further. It is to be constructed on other stages for concert tours.

Vyacheslav Torchinsky, Minister of Culture of Perm Krai:

Extention of the theatre's technical base provides new opportunities not only for sound quality impovement but also for development of new spaces to a completely new level. This aim feels especially vivid up to the Diaghilev Festival when we use all available options to hold such great cultural events of international significance. 

Ракушка2_фото Никиты Чунтомова.jpg

The new acoustic shell. Photo by Nikita Chuntomov

On January, 22 the Perm Opera Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Artyom Abashev wil perform Beethoven's Triple Concerto for Piano, Violin and Cello by  and the First Symphony by Brahms. Guest musicians are Philipp Kopachevsky (piano), Andrey Baranov (violin) and Alexey Zhilin (cello). Tickets are available on the theatre's site.