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Utarid Mirzamova


Utarid Mirsamova was born in Kazan. After graduating from the secondary school, she enrolled to the biology department of the Kazan State University and at the same time she studied vocal at a music college. After completing her studies at the college  in 2014, she entered the Musical Theatre Department of the Russian University of Theatrical Art (GITIS), the workshop of Dmitry Bertman where she has been studying vocal under Emma Sarkissyan.

Since September 2016 Utarid  has been an artist of the Young Artist Program of the Bolshoi Theatre where she studies vocal under Makvala Kasrashvili, Svetlana Nesterenko and Dmitri Vdovin.In the season of 2016-17 she performed at numerous concerts in Russia, Italy, Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Finland.

She started the new season of 2017-18 by  making her debut on the Historical Stage of the Bolshoi Theater as a Polovetsian girl in the Prince Igor by Borodin.

Since 2019/2020 season she is the soloist of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre.