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Natalia Osipova has become a prima ballerina of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

A world ballet star Natalia Osipova has become a prima ballerina of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. She signed a contract to perform in four productions of Perm Ballet during the season.  

Photo: Marina Dmitrieva

The contract with Natalia Osipova is signed for one year with a subsequent prolongation option. Though it is not specified what productions she will take part in. It depends on an artistic mission of the theatre and on the wishes and availability of the famous ballerina. Her nearest plans are to dance the lead role in Giselle on September 5.     

Alexei Miroshnichenko, Principal Ballet Master of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre:
— Natasha Osipova is a very creative person. She doesn’t pay much attention to any conventionalities or star superiority; she’s interested in a creative process and an artistic result. And if a project sounds interesting to her, she comes and takes part in it. To me it’s a great joy and a huge responsibility to work with her, as well as with any artist of the ballet company I am in charge of.  

The cooperation between a famous ballerina and Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre started last season, when she danced in Romeo and Juliet with Nikita Chetverikov. On the closing night of The Diaghilev Festival — 2017 she also danced the lead role in the latest production of Alexei Miroshnichenko The Firebird.   

Photo: Anton Zavyalov

Natalia Osipova:
— I enjoy the amazing atmosphere and people of Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre so much. They do true art — the thing I don’t often see in many other theatres. It is great pleasure for me to share the stage with these people, to spend rehearsal time with these wonderful repetiteurs and partners. I feel something real here.