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Best performances of the festival Context. Diana Vishneva on the Perm stage

The international festival of contemporary choreography Context. Diana Vishneva will come to Perm for the first time. On the 7th of September young choreographers – laureates of the competition for choreographers Context Lab – will present their new works. The main event of the tour will be the premiere of the ballet Asunder, created by the famous choreographer Goyo Montero with artists of the Perm ballet specially for the festival.

Asunder 2

Photo by Irina Grigorieva

A challenge for professional dancers and a chance for young performers and choreographers – the competition for choreographers Context Lab, created by a prima-ballerina of Mariinsky Theatre Diana Vishneva, has been offering a space and opportunity for experiments in contemporary dance for 6 years. Each year dozens of young choreographers practicing different styles and directions present their best works at the competition. The best shows enter the program of the festival Context. Diana Vishneva that will tour in Perm on the 7th of September.

Anastasia Yatsenko, a curator of the competition for choreographers Context Lab as part of the festival Context. Diana Vishneva:

— Classical choreography – is a history, a necessary base. Bur we see what opportunities are held in contemporary choreography, what interest it sparks among spectators and artists who perform in this sphere. That’s why we do our best to introduce a spectator with art tendencies and give young choreographers opportunity to show their works not only to the professional community but also to meet wide audience.

Winners of the competition Contect Lab make a face of the contemporary dance taking part in performances of the leading musical theatre of Russia and the world. In Perm will be presented four works made specially for the festival Context. Diana Vishneva: The Room by Olga Vasilieva from Saint Petersburg, a story about support and mutual understanding that became one of the brightest events of the festival in 2016; “When I became an Amazon” by Marina Kremniova from Perm, an experimental performance, combining rational touches of composition with supreme sensitivity and emotionality; “Clouds” by Konstantin Keikhel from Saint Petersburg who combined in his work basis of classical dance and principles of contemporary choreography and “Object T.E.L.O.” by Pavel Glukhov, a graduate of GITIS academy, a laureate of the competition Context.Diana Vishneva 2016 who chose a body as an object for research.

Pavel Glukhov, a choreographer:

— Contemporary choreography – is a huge field of freedom where you can create. There are no firm requirements that should be followed, no criteria that people will judge by. Everything depends on a choreographer’s individuality, on the way he sees the world and how he can show it through plastics. Diapason of means of expression of contemporary dance is so wide that every choreographer can find an interesting theme for him and try to create his one unique artistic language.  

Вечер современной хореографии

Photo by Nikita Chuntomov

In the second part of the evening will be presented choreographic miniatures created by young choreographers specially for the Perm opera and ballet theatre. Pavel Glukhov, Lilia Burdinskaya, Sofia Gaidukova, Konstantin Matulevsky and Konstantin Keikhel had been working with the artists of the perm ballet company for several weeks. Being free to choose music, theme or form, they realized the most unexpected and fresh ideas presented at the first “Evening of young choreographers” last season (the project is realized with the support of the ministry of culture of the Perm territory).

The main event of the tour will be the premiere of the coproduction of the Perm opera and ballet theatre and the festival Context. Diana Vishneva  - the ballet Asunder, created by a famous Spanish choreographer Goyo Montero. The ballet had its world premiere in 2017 at the festival Context. Diana Vishneva and in Febuary 2018 the performance was presented at the gala-opening of the Holland Dance Festival in Hague. There are 16 dancers in the performances, all of them are the artists of the Perm ballet.

Goyo Montero, a choreographer:

— They should move like a unified whole, like a flock of birds or a fish shoal, and then suddenly it busts, one person starts to see himself separately from others: here am I and here you are. This is where the conflict is born. In this performance we talk about different dimensions: about reality and fantasies, about the future – do we control it or does it control us? It feels like somebody tears you asunder. There is you and there is somebody like you but having nothing in common with you. In this performance I put a question point-blank, I try to make audience feel uncomfortable and unsecured.

The tour of the festival Context. Diana Vishneva will be preceded by a series of events in the course of “Modern audience laboratory” of the Perm opera and ballet theatre. Spectators will have opportunity to talk to Goyo Montero during the skype-conference, discuss historical periods of dance development and the brightest events and names with dance researchers, visit open rehearsals and share impressions after the evening. To join the events of the “Laboratory” please register at the project’s page