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Mahler’s 6th symphony: the fragment from the new album
Today the label Sony Classical released the recording of the Sixth Symphony by Gustav Mahler performed by the musicAeterna orchestra conducted by Teodor Currentzus. “... it’s a chef d’oeuvre... Mahler is a great expounder who takes a simple idea, finds the beauty inside it and forces it so that everyone could hear it... thus he creates something magical”, - this is how maestro explains his choice. 

Release has become the first part of the big project where musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis are going to record all Mahler’s symphonies. This idea has a rather clear background: since 2012 works of the Austrian composer close the International Diaghilev festival. 

The recording was released with support of the BP company
Cover design: Virginie Plauchut