• June
Teodor Currentzis and musicAeterna perform in Japan for the first time

Teodor Currentzis and the orchestra of the Perm opera and ballet theatre musicAeterna prepare a new programme. In January they will perform works by Piotr Tchaikovsky and in particular the Sixth Symphony that was recorded last year and became one of the most debated events in the world of academic music. The first concerts will be held in Perm on the 30th and the 31st of January. In February these programmes will be performed by the orchestra in Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The tour will end with four concerts in Japan which will be the first performance of the orchestra outside Europe and Russia.

The new programme will be performed first for Perm citizens. On the 30th of January the orchestra will perform Suite #3 that was conceived as a symphony but later according to the idea of the author transformed into more emotional and contrast in form piece of art – rather complicated and thus hardly performed. Other works included in programme, on the contrary, are very popular and familiar to the audience’ ear. They are the fantasy overture “Romeo and Juliette” after Shakespeare – the work that the composer called one of the favourite works, and a symphonic fantasy “Francesca da Rimini” based on the tragic story of two lovers, one of the plots of the Divine Comedy by Dante. On the 31st of January the orchestra will perform one more popular work of the composer – The concert for violin and orchestra, solo part will be performed by Aylen Pritchin.

The climax of the programme will be the Sixth Symphony by Tchaikovsky – one of the most famous works of Russian symphonic repertoire, as always interpreted in new light by Teodor Currentzis. In the end of 2017 he recorded it with the orchestra musicAeterna on label Sony Classical and received noticeable set of prestigious world awards. In the end of 2017 the recording received Grand prix of the prestigious musical award of Japan Record Academy Award and in a year it received a prize from the oldest awards in the world of music industry Edison Klassiek. “Everything in this dizzying recording is of an almost unimaginable beauty and intensity. Once again, Currentzis and his dedicated musicians triumph over their self-willed, hyper-perfectionist approach” – this is how the Jury described the recording.

Participants of the “Modern audience laboratory” that will accompany the concerts can compare the recordings and live performances. After the concert on the 30th of January the director of the orchestra musicAeterna Nikita Lebedev will introduce the audience to some canonic recording of Suite #3 and will observe recent recordings of the orchestra. A musicologist, an associate professor of the Russian music history of the Moscow conservatory Daniil Petrov will help to find way around in symphonic music of Tchaikovsky. Also during the Laboratory participants will learn about literature basis of an included in the programme work, Ural origin of Tchaikovsky and the beginning of the composer’s artistic life. Beyond that Laboratory will hold a tour cycle in Yekaterinburg where musicAeterna will perform on the 2nd of February. Later the Perm orchestra will go to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The tour will end with four concerts in Japan where the orchestra will perform for the first time. Moreover, this tour will be the first performance of musicAeterna outside Russia and Europe.

Marc de Mauny, the general producer of the Perm opera and ballet theatre: 
— We know about the success our recordings have in Japan and we appreciate unfeign interest of Japan audience to our work and we are looking forward to meeting them. We’ve decided to start the acquaintance with performance of music that compile gold reserves of Russian classics – works by Piotr Tchaikovsky who is well-known and adored in Japan. Though I’m sure that people who will come for our concerts will hear this painfully familiar music as if for the first time. Uniqueness of the orchestra of the Perm opera musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis lays in the ability to interpret in new light the most popular musical material.

On return the orchestra musicAeterna conducted by Teodor Currentzis will start final rehearsals of the new programme. This will be one of the most frequently performed works – “Requiem” by Verdi – a religious mass with emotional sufferings. The orchestra and the choir of the Perm opera and ballet theatre musicAeterna and the soloists of the Perm opera will perform it on the 21st and the 22nd of March. Conductor – Teodor Currentzis.