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Heinz Kasper
Lighting designer


Heinz Kasper is dedicated to exploring light in relation to colour, form and environment. Aside from his light design activities in the spheres of performing arts, exhibitions and architecture, the oeuvre of Heinz also includes abstract  colour compositions and digitally reprocessed photographic pieces. Likewise, another important aspect of his creative output is the conceptualisation, visualisation and actualisation of inventive and imaginary environments and topographies.

He took part in numerous projects in Germany and abroad. He was consulting Triad Berlin, the leading communication and design agency in Germany, with layout and lighting design of the Urban Planet pavilion on the EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, and their work became one of the most successful pavilions of the EXPO. That was not his debut on the EXPO, however: in 2000 he worked together with ArtLab studios, Berlin on the German pavilion for EXPO 2000 that was held in Hannover.

He also developed lighting design for some major museums in Germany. He was working on lighting design and visualization in a big project Color-U-Linie for Berlin Subway, which was celebrating its 125th anniversary. He has been doing daylight studies around the world, including Africa, South-East Asia and the Middle East. Since 2009 Heinz has been teaching Lighting and Colour in Kunsthochschule in Kassel.