02 April / Sun 19:00
Der fliegende Holländer
R. Wagner
Age category: 16+
A co-production by Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre and the Kolobov Novaya Opera Theatre of Moscow

Libretto by Richard Wagner after a folk legend and a short story by Heinrich Heine

The opera was written in 1841, in this stage version it will be presented for the first time in Perm in 2023

Performed in German with Russian subtitles

Written by the 29-year-old composer in just seven weeks, The Flying Dutchman was the first opera that made people talk about Richard Wagner as an artist looking for new ways to develop musical theater. 180 years ago, at the premiere in Dresden, the score struck the audience with its power and violent, rebellious spirit of romanticism. It was in The Flying Dutchman that the main idea of the Wagnerian operatic reform was first embodied — the synthesis of poetry, theater and music, their key role in creating new dramatic forms and an all-encompassing picture of the universe. For any opera house, the appearance of Wagnerian musical dramas in the repertoire is a sign of the transition to the big leagues. It is symbolic that the first staging of the opera by Richard Wagner, the subverter of dogmas who shocked and surprised the public throughout his entire career, in the modern history of Perm, is being staged by director Konstantin Bogomolov, conductor Philipp Chizhevsky and artist Larisa Lomakina. Two years after the premiere of Georges Bizet's sensational production of "Carmen", this tandem returns to the stage of the Perm Opera again.
Musical Director and Conductor: Philipp Chizhevsky
Stage Director: Konstantin Bogomolov
Set Designer: Larisa Lomakina
Costume Designer: Larisa Lomakina
Lighting Designer: Ivan Vinogradov
Video Designer: Alan Mandelshtam
Motion Designer: Mikhail Myasnikov
Production Chorus Master: Ekaterina Antonenko
Chorus Master: Vyacheslav Kozlenko
Assistant Conductor: Ivan Khudyakov-Vedenyapin
Assistant Stage Director: Fedor Fedotov
German coaches: Maria Dribinsky, Inna Nekrasova
Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre