• April
Concert of Perm Opera Chorus. Broadcast from Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

The broadcast starts at 7PM Perm Time Zone (UTC +5)

Principal Chorus Master and Conductor: Evgeny Vorobyov

Viktor Kalinnikov (1870-1927)

• “Forest”
words by Aleksey Koltsov

• “Elegy”
words by Alexander Pushkin

• “Winter”
words by Yevgeny Baratynsky

• “The Gentle Stars Shone upon Us”
words by Aleksey Pleshcheyev

• “Summer Passes”
words by Nikolay Afanasyevich Sokolov

• “Autumn”
words by Alexander Pushkin

• “At the Order Gate”
words by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy

• “Upon an Ancient Burial Mound”
words by Ivan Nikitin

• “Come, Let Us Worship”
• “Blessed is the Man”
• “Rejoice, O Virgin”
• “Praise the Name of the Lord”
• “Gladsome Light”
• “From My Youth”
• “Lord, Now Lettest Thou”
• “My Soul Magnifies the Lord”
• Cherubic Hymn No. 2

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