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The New York Times considers Mahler’s sixth Symphony to be among the best albums of the year

The recording of the Sixth symphony by Gustav Mahler was included in the review of the best classical compositions of 2018 published on The New York Times website. The album of the Perm orchestra musicAeterna conducted by Teodor Currentzis was issued on Sony Classical label in October of the expiring year.

One of the review’s authors, the music critic Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim notes: “Mahler’s darkest symphony takes on destructive force in this shock-and-awe recording by Mr. Currentzis, whose cult following is only likely to widen. In the tension between discipline and impulsive violence of this first movement, you can hear a kinship with Shostakovich and the music inspired by the 20th century’s cataclysms”.

Release has become the first part of the big project where musicAeterna and Teodor Currentzis are going to record all Mahler’s symphonies. This idea has a rather clear background: since 2012 works of the Austrian composer close the International Diaghilev festival

The recording was released with support of the BP company.