• February
Alexey Khoroshev
Lighting Designer


Khoroshev has been working as a lighting designer at the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre since 2014. He graduated from the Perm State University (at present Perm State National Research University). As a lighting and media designer he created the look and feel for most of the productions of the Yevgeny Panfilov Ballet, including: Romeo and Juliet (1996), The Siege (2002), Fantasies in the Black and Flame Colour, A Cage for Parrots (1992, revived in 2005), Lockdown (2002), Different Trams (2001), Capitulation (2001). Recent works include Za kraem krai (2010), Non finito (2011), Travelling Against the Wind (2011), Dashed Line (2011), Destino (2012), Monologue and... (2012). He also designed the lighting setup for the production Boyhood (2011) at the Perm Theatre for Young Audiences. He also designed the lighting setup for the Perm Opera productions Medeamaterial (2012), The Malachite Casket (2012) and Journey to the Land of the Jumblies (2015). A winner of the ‘Golden Mask’ National Theatre Award (the Yevgeny Panfilov Ballet's production Casting Off, 2010).