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Published by PRM.RU: Premiere of ?Fidelio? caused an international resonance.

This summer citizens of Perm will be able to see the premiere a site-specific production of the opera "Fidelio" in the museum Perm 36. It is scheduled for July, 3 and there will be only7 performances. Soon after it the setting is awaited in Germany and France. According to the chief conductor of the Opera house, the project has passed the point of no return and is now to move forward since it is already well-known overseas.

"On the other hand, this is a World Project.  Nothing like it has ever been attempted anywhere in the world and the significance of this uniquely challenging production is keenly awaited throughout the world. In our production, the universal desire for freedom and love expressed in the opera will be filtered through the prism of The Gulag.  We will reflect Beethoven's message on the many systems of political repression throughout the world - historical and current.  The participation of the people of Perm in this project will, I am sure, become one of the defining moments for the development of opera in the world today.  I look forward to meeting you all later in the year as we start the journey on this great project", - that what Michael Hunt wrote in his message.

At present, the coming of BBC film crew is being discussed. Also, a lot of intendants from European opera companies expressed their desire to see the premiere. The world leaders of the opera theatre critic have an intention to visit "Perm 36".

"It's a unique project. Nothing of this kind has ever been practised in the world. A kind of site-specific production of "Traviata" was carried out at the Zurich station. In our production the audience co-participates in the performance because they are moved around the site and so are the cast, chorus and orchestra. The theme of GULAG is extended far beyond Russian history and this also makes the project so unique. This is very important because young generation knows practically nothing about the harsh political regime", - says Valery Platonov and adds, - "The theme of freedom and tyranny can be a material for a profound lecture but the emotional experience of this theme will produce a completely different effect".