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?Fidelio? tickets are on sale

Tickets for "Fidelio" performance in the GULAG museum "Perm 36" have been on sale since June, 1. The premiere of this one of the most extraordinary theatrical projects of the last years is July, 3 and 4, 2010.

The ticket price of 1500 rur includes travelling in comfortable coaches from Perm to Perm 36 and back; lunch provided by field kitchen and "Fidelio" performance.

You can buy a ticket in the ticket office of the Opera House (Petropavlovskaya, 25a), in city ticket offices and on the sites  www.kassy.ru и http://www.kassir.ru/.

Within period of 9 days, from July 3 till July 11, on the territory of the former camp, the Opera House will perform only 7 shows for only 1750 people. Each performance will be attended only by 250 people - the exact number of prisoners in a barrack)