• October
20 August / Wed 16:00–17:00
Music for the very young
Age category: 0+
Duration: 1 hour 0 minutes

It has been scientifically proven that classical music influences the emotional, spiritual and even physical development of the child in the most beneficial way. And this isn’t just talking about future geniuses. The season of chamber concerts ‘Music for the Very Young’ is aimed at the very youngest theatre-goers — children up to the age of three. Every concert provides the opportunity to listen to accessible world classics in a relaxed atmosphere, and also for infants to become acquainted with musical instruments with their own hands.

The programme curators are musicians from the main symphony orchestra, the musicAeterna orchestra and conductors from the theatre. They will create an atmosphere that is enjoyable for infants and their parents too. Each performance will be accompanied by the musicians explaining the history of their individual instrument, about what role their instrument plays in the orchestra and the individual capabilities of that instrument. After this the young audience will have the opportunity to play some musical instruments along with the musician.

During the course of ‘Music for the Very Young’ the audience will become acquainted with the harp, a string quartet (violin, viola, cello and double bass), wind instruments and others. Each concert will last one hour, so as to keep the attention of the young audience. For the comfort and safety of the children the foyer of the theatre will be covered with a large rug.

The concerts will take place once or twice a month. Tickets will be available from the theatre booking office.

The project ‘Music for the Very Young’ began during 2011/12 season. The project is organised by the club ‘Tender Mother’ with the support of the Perm regional community organisation 'Rovesnik' and the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Suitable for all ages

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